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Nick Knight on Lady Gaga, McQueen and Body Diversity at Sarabande Foundation in London


THROUGH THE LENS: Photographer Nick Knight — or image-maker, as he prefers to define himself — has never been one to shy away from a challenge.
Since the beginning of his decades-long career, Knight has had a number of collaborations, from Yohji Yamamoto to Lady Gaga, and all of them proved to be “a way to get a sense of somebody’s head, to get inside a person’s mind. Collaboration is the joy in being able to see the light in someone else’s eyes.”
Yamamoto was his first important collaboration; Knight was 26 at the time and “completely endorsed his way of life.” The Showstudio founder recalled that time during a talk hosted last night by Sarabande, the London-based foundation named after Alexander McQueen’s 2007 spring collection which provides scholarships to students as well as housing artist studios at its headquarters for designers, artists and jewelers. Former Sarabande’s scholars include designers such as Molly Goddard and Liam Johnson.
For his first Patron event at Sarabande, Knight was in conversation with writer and creative consultant Mimma Viglezio, where he dished on his years of collaborating across the creative industries, how to discover new talents and Kim Kardashian’s highest merit.
“Gianni Versace asked me to work with him and I said no,” said Knight

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