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Tokyo Photographer Kensaku Kakimoto Takes Aim at Fine Art With Taka Ishii Gallery Show


SKY-HIGH ART: As friends, old and new, filed through Kensaku Kakimoto’s “Hyomen” exhibition at the Taka Ishii gallery Thursday, the photographer chatted about his first solo show in the U.S..
“Taka thought it was important to show the work while it’s so pure,” the photographer said through a translator, adding that his fine art is the complete opposite of his commercial work as a cinematographer, producer and video artist. “My commercial work is done to sell products. The motivation is to make products look good whereas this is purely my own sort of spontaneous work. It’s my point of view of the world.”
The Upper East Side gallery will run the exhibition through June, and has his new book “Translator.” Kakimoto recently shot a video for a Super Mario Bros. app and a film for Under Armour about women’s empowerment. In addition to shooting music videos, he often is airborne filming automobile commercials more often than not in Iceland. “Often when we’re doing those shots, I’ve thought wouldn’t it be fun if you could go a little higher, to see the world a little higher — not as high as being in a jet but being as high as in a helicopter,”

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